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Gravel_Tek is a dynamic team offering since 2001 state of the art services. We bring solutions to growing companies competing to get well designed products out to the market place, forwarding leading edge technology and esthetic advantages. A major aspect of Gravel_Tek design is the use of embedded micro controllers to simplify production, reduce costs and increase competitiveness for a whole range of products.


Electronic Design Service
Micro electronics design and
Embedded microcontrollers

electronic design

Electronic product design service specializing in custom software/hardware engineering for embedded microcontroller based products including biomedical, RF, industrial, consumer, vehicular, and scientific.

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PLC System Integration
Industrial automation system design

PLC Integration

Gravel_Tek as well offers electrical control panel and industrial automation system design, fabrication and support services.

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Microelectronics - Industrial Automation


Air purification control - Wine cellar temperature and humidity control - Encoder interface adapter - RPM display with over speed shutdown - Media extrusion controlling - Pharmaceutical packaging - Plasma furnace algorithm programming and data logging...

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